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“Today, make time for Affinity” as our motto for 2024

“Today, make time for Affinity” is the key phrase for our 12th year, which we intend to take to all the challenges and opportunities that await us this year, leading us to do more and better.


Inspired by the notion of ‘time’ in our 12th year of activity in 2024, we allow ourselves to reflect and invite reflection on the way we position ourselves, at work and in life, suggesting ‘time’ for more Affinity. The invitation extends to a greater awareness of time in a broad way, making use of our time in a more directed, responsible, and intentional way to serve our goals of Learning, Ambition and Action on an individual level, business, and personal life.


Throughout the year, we will therefore explore this concept through commitments, actions, and challenges, aspiring and inspiring our community to ‘take responsibility of their time’ and ‘fulfill their dreams by making them goals’, thoughts that are already reflected in our digital spaces, our office and our relationships and that will guide us during 2024.

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