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We have Key’News!

The month of September was chosen for the launch of the first Key’News, the new Keywork Newsletter. Designed for all Keywork users and customers, it aims to become a communication platform to share news, features, and important updates for all those who are part of the Keywork universe.


The shared information will not only refer to the Keywork in a general way, but also specific innovations from a product level. The Newsletter is, therefore, organized in order to offer relevant content to customers who seek to keep up to date on the products they use, namely Keywork Recruitment, Keywork Enterprise and Keywork Portal, solutions designed and adapted to different types of business, objectives and features, announced in early 2022.


Key’News will be made available every 4 months, with the main highlights of Keywork, as well as some curiosities or articles, about Technology and Software, keeping it dynamic and attractive. We want to ensure that Keywork remains close to its customers and that they always know where to find summarized information about the main updates in the Keywork products that are part of their day-to-day work.

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