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We took our Affinity to the animals at Abrigo da Mãozinhas

Last Saturday 11 May, we had the incredible opportunity to support, meet and socialize with some of the dogs and cats at the Abrigo da Mãozinhas, in the first Social Responsibility Action with Animals of our Affinity year.


Animals represent one of the vectors that we defend and support, and whenever possible it’s a cause that unites us in different ways. This time, Affinity organized a collection of donations, including food, cleaning items, toys, blankets, among other items that could be a necessity or comfort for these shelter animals.


In addition to this donation, a group of employees volunteered to spend their Saturday morning with the animals, walking some of the dogs and learning more about the shelter, where two Affinity employees are already volunteers. It was a full morning that left those who attended very grateful to be able to show their support for the shelter and its animals.


Abrigo da Mãozinhas prioritizes the well-being of animals, who are often given up anonymously or rescued from precarious situations and mistreatment. At the shelter they are given a second chance at happiness, through donations and, of course, all the love and time dedicated by the volunteers.


Recognizing the importance of supporting these associations, the Affinity team has committed itself to offering its time and resources in a meaningful way, remaining committed in its mission to defend the rights and welfare of animals. Moments like this one at Abrigo da Mãozinhas serve as testimony to the power of initiatives and collective action in creating positive change for our furry friends.


A special thank you goes out to all the Players who contributed to this initiative. Whether through donations or joining us in visiting the Shelter, each helping hand has made a significant difference in the lives of these animals.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Abrigo da Mãozinhas and its dedicated volunteers. Their warm welcome and their unwavering commitment to their noble mission have left a lasting impact on us all.

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