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WhatsApp for Business – A new way to communicate!

This month Affinity inaugurates a new way to communicate quickly and efficiently with its entire universe of employees and candidates – WhatsApp for Business.


Since last week, Affinity has been at the distance of a mobile phone message anytime and anywhere, thus reinforcing its commitment to being always close and available for any doubts, requests, or necessary assistance in a convenient way.


Behind this initiative is Affinity’s Office Department, responsible for employee mobility, contracts, payments, and other issues related to the work-life of an Affinity employee. Until now, the department was contactable through the telephone line, mobile phone and e-mail. From now on, WhatsApp for Business will be added to these means, which will contribute to a greater agility in dealing with everyday matters, promptly answering questions that might arise and directing specific issues to the suitable departments. Messages can thus be sent to 965 638 158 at any time and will be answered and dealt with as soon as possible within Affinity’s working hours (Monday to Friday 9:00 – 18:00).


WhatsApp for Business was developed to meet quick and succinct communication needs, creating proximity and presence between a company and its employees and/or customers.
Because Affinity is in everything we do, we strive to reduce the distance in business, technology, and relationships.

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