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Affinity promised that 2020 would be a year of many news and surprises so at the company’s Start Up 2020 event it was unveiled one of the main ones: The new blog “With Affinity”!


One of Affinity’s core company values is Apprenticeship. It is through continuous learning that the creation process starts and keeps improving and the best way to learn is to explore, consider, analyze good practices undertaken by good professionals. We can learn from each other’s experience, getting a truthful, practical perspective on how to act in different situations.


The intention behind the blog With Affinity is to tackle the most diverse subjects related to Tech, Human Resources, personal and career growth and other subjects that can be a benefit for someone’s career evolution. We’ll address topics oriented to tech students, new professionals in the technological field but also in other fields, this will be a space to delve into useful, valuable, constructive content aiming to create a positive online sharing community.


Furthermore, the blog will be written by Affinity employees that, in their respective areas of expertise, will compile the best advice, recommendations, suggestions tackled together to help professionals perform at their best. The access is free, anyone with interest in discovering more about these subjects will be welcomed, not only to read but to share their own opinion regarding the considered topics.


Find out everything for yourself:
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