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Your Affinity Partners Guide, one click away!

The Affinity Partners Guide has a new, simpler, and fully digital format, just a click away for all Affinity employees!


The entire Affinity universe is invited to download the App, in order to access the special conditions provided by our Affinity partners wherever you are. Our space in SharePoint is 100% complete, with all the information needed so our people can make use of the special conditions we have for them, direct links to our partner’s websites as well as direct contacts they should use in case they need any further clarifications or assistance.


The Affinity partner network is an important part of the benefits we seek to offer to all our employees, with multiple discounts in areas such as Banking, Fitness, Dental Care, Eye Care, Lifestyle, Hotels & Travels, Automotive, Pet Care, among others.


The Affinity Partners Guide, which can also be accessed from the Affin’IT Newsletter, Employee Portal, and further Affinity Communications. This guide is now more organized and complete than ever, divided according to the 14 different areas of benefits and with a practical and intuitive navigation.

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