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We develop smart and intuitive solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. With experienced professionals and agile methodologies, we efficiently overcome the expectations of key companies worldwide. Ready to Improve your Business Performance?

Keywork is a high performing platform that enables agile Human Resources Management.

A better, faster, smarter solution.

Intuitive, flexible and user-friendly experience to increase productivity and boost your business.

Sourcing & screening, opportunities management, staffing and monitoring done right. Our goal is to create ever-evolving, long-lasting, sustainable systems.

We guarantee

Long-term win-win-win relationships, ensuring the best experience for our customers and employees at all levels of the process.

  • Efficient talent
    sourcing & screening

  • Agile management
    of business opportunities

  • Smart and intuitive tools
    for an attractive navigation

  • Easy reporting and
    KPI monitoring

  • Teamwork and
    increased productivity

  • Adaptability to any
    business type or field


Keywork is an All-in-One Talent Management Platform that simplifies and foster processes ensuring great team and business performance.

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    Discover Keywork, an Enterprise Sourcing Management tool that provides a digital...


    How to create a software for recruitment in the digital era?

    The starting point for recruiting in large companies is ATS solutions. ATS platforms reduce the time spent in routine, manual and inefficient processes allowing professionals to be able to dedicate themselves more to the human aspects of recruitment.

    The ATS demised extensive Excel “databases”, e-mails with heavy attachments, and possible communication losses during the processes. These tools guarantee centralized detailed information, accessible from everyone, anywhere, and updated in real-time.

    However, in an increasingly dynamic and ever-changing world, companies are commonly overwhelmed with a large volume of routine recruitment tasks that would be better off automatized. The next step is to apply AI over ATS.

    In short, accelerating business recruitment through automated processes will reduce time-to-hire, which in turn will reduce the likelihood of losing talents to the competition.


    How does Affinity make sense to the word disruptive?

    Keywork emerged from Affinity’s internal need to improve its human resources management processes. There were already several competent ATS platforms in the market, but none that completely fulfilled Affinity’s growing necessities. Keywork’s features go much far and beyond a regular ATS.

    Keywork is an ESM Enterprise Sourcing Management Tool that ensures increased efficiency and better articulation of all phases of human resources management, from the first stage of recruitment, to employee career monitoring and development processes.

    Discover everything in www.key.work or get in contact with us at keywork@affinity.pt

    Discover Keywork, an Enterprise Sourcing Management tool that provides a digital transformation for companies with extensive recruitment needs.

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