Digital Transformation

15 april

Webinar: Digital Transformation

How is the work environment changing and why digital transformation is no longer optional?

Digital Transformation is no longer just a concept of the future. Companies and professionals are undeniably dealing with the changes brough by the accelerated technological development and the adaptation to the ‘new normal’. More than ever, we strive to ensure an efficient articulation between people, processes, and technology thus Digital Transformation is not a choice anymore. How prepared are you for the challenges and opportunities it carries? Get the latest insights and knowledge and get all your questions answered by joining this free webinar sponsored by Affinity and with a special participation from Microsoft.

What will you learn in this webinar?

• How and why is the work environment changing and transforming?

• How can you prepare yourself and/or your company for the work environment of the future?

• What do people expect and how to coop with the expectations?

• What to prioritize when leading a digitalization strategy?

What will you get:

• Examples of how companies are using technology to drive innovation and improve company processes in today’s work environment.

• Straightforward techniques on how to apply digitalization on your business strategy.

• Working tools that support company digitalization processes.

• Your questions answered in a Q&A with the speakers.









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10:00 GMT+0 – Webinar Introduction

In this webinar we will trace an overview over the future of people & future of work, striving to tackle these topics and draw a line between what do people expect and how can company leaders’ coop with the expectations.

10:05 GMT+0 – Why Digital Transformation is no longer Optional - Abel Aguiar, Microsoft

In this talk we will explore how and why digital processes are expediting and why Digital Transformation is no longer just a concept of the future. How is the work environment changing? How is digital transformation impacting people, their tasks, dynamics, and productivity? How will the work environment of the future look like?

10:20 GMT+0 – A Practical view over Digital Transformation - Duarte Filipe, Affinity

With this talk we will get a practical view over what to prioritize and how to carry out a digital transformation strategy. What are the main challenges and main concerns when striving for process innovation and digitalization?

10:35 GMT+0 – Building the right tools to Digital Transformation - Miguel Marques, Affinity

Digital transformation strategies unquestionably encompass the need for the right tools that guarantee efficient processes, teamwork, and positive communication. Keywork does just that, it is a smart, user-friendly tool that makes processes more agile and human work easier, with this Talk, we will go through how does choosing the right tools support a company’s digital transformation process.

10:50 GMT+0 – Q&A with the speakers

Speakers are invited to openly reply to the audience questions and interact with it each other in an open panel.


Abel Aguiar

Executive Director & Board Member

Abel Aguiar is Executive Director & Board Member responsible for the Partner Channel at Microsoft Portugal. With an extensive experience and knowledge in the technological field, particularly in B2B environments, Abel brings much valuable insights about digital transformation developments and opportunities.

Duarte Filipe

Innovation Analyst

Duarte Filipe is a Digital Transformation consultant at Affinity currently leading an international innovation and process automation project. With know-how and experience in team and project management, Duarte effectively traces the link between technological process development and business objectives and goals.

Miguel Marques

Chief Technologies Officer

Miguel Marques is Affinity’s Chief Technologies Officer and the person in charge of Keywork development, our own sourcing, talent recruitment and career management software. Keywork is a Saas software that fosters the digitalization of process people-related processes and thus, plays a key-role in Affinity’s own digital transformation strategy.